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Exclusive IAC Session Preview— Arts in Public Places Tour

"Fort Lauderdale Airport Sculpture" by David Lee Brown

“Fort Lauderdale Airport Sculpture” by David Lee Brown

ASA is thrilled to announce the offering of the Arts in Public Places tour being held on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. In this session, each student will learn the project sequence, guidelines, the selection process, installation, maintenance and deaccessioning of the art being displayed under Broward County’s Public Art & Design Program. This tour is complimentary to all registered students and will be held from 2pm-6pm eastern time.

"Vendor with Walkman" by Duane Hanson

“Vendor with Walkman” by Duane Hanson

As an iconic location for displaying art, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has been a prime example on the efforts of the enhancement of urban design. Three out of the 54 artworks that are being displayed have received awards from the American for the Arts under the Public Art category in the United States. The airport holds a variety of art collection such as stainless steel sculptures, terrazzo artworks, paintings, and several other pieces. One of the most notable art pieces comes from Duane Hanson, who specialized in lifelike sculptures. Many tourist and residents of Broward County have agreed that the program has helped improved the visual environment of art and has become a stepping stone for others to follow.

"Colors and Forms in Flight" by Dorothy Gillespie

“Colors and Forms in Flight” by Dorothy Gillespie

This session and offsite tour is taking place under the International Appraisers Conference, in conjunction with the Advanced Business Valuation Conference, at Boca Raton Resort & Club. To register or to learn more visit ASA Online or call (800) 272-8258.


ASA Department Profile Series: Education

ALL Staff

(Left to Right) ASA’s Education Team: Cinthia Giannakos, Stephanie Paratore, Samantha Jones and Nathaly Alcocer

The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) is recognized and respected for being a global leader of multidiscipline education for the appraisal profession. ASA is leading the way in delivering professional valuation education through innovative eLearning platforms. ASA offers its education through interactive webinars led by the professions best instructors. New OnDemand courses that are globally accessible anywhere and anytime are continually being added to our lineup of education offerings as well as classroom courses domestically in the United States and in many countries around the world.

Charged with the implementation and management of the numerous logistics impacting these efforts is ASA’s HQ Education Team. Last year alone, these dedicated education staff members supported over 100 classes and serviced the professional development needs of more than 4,300 professionals. The department also works closely with discipline and local chapter representatives, course developers, ASA’s pool of esteemed instructors and presenters, external consultants and servicing vendors.

The HQ education team is currently comprised of four people: Nathaly Alcocer, Cinthia Giannakos, Samantha Jones and Stephanie Paratore:

Nathaly Alcocer reviewing course documentation

Nathaly Alcocer reviewing course documentation

Nathaly Alcocer, eLearning Assistant, is responsible for assisting with ASA’s eLearning course administration and supporting all students and faculty participating in ASA’s OnDemand offerings and webinar programs. She has been with ASA for two years. Nathaly’s extensive customer service background, bi-lingual Spanish language skills and over 10 years of work experience enable her to respond quickly to member inquiries or support requests. Prior to ASA, Nathaly held positions with several companies, most notably the American Academy of Audiology and State Farm Insurance. Nathaly may be reached at (703) 733-2101 or


Cinthia Giannakos assisting registrant at ASA’s International Appraisers Conference

Cinthia Giannakos assisting registrant at ASA’s International Appraisers Conference

Cinthia Giannakos, Senior Manager, eLearning, is responsible for ASA’s online and distance learning program development to include webinar and virtual offerings. She has been with ASA for three years. Cinthia’s educational background, technical expertise and 10 years of work experience enable her to utilize the latest technology solutions in her role. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is also currently pursuing an additional degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Washington. Prior to ASA, Cinthia worked as an eLearning program manager for the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Cinthia may be reached at (703) 733-2106 or

Samantha Jones outlining upcoming course deliverables and deadlines

Samantha Jones outlining upcoming course deliverables and deadlines

Samantha Jones, Education Assistant, manages all contracted domestic and international education and handles all logistics before, during and after the course(s). Samantha supports students and faculty, prepares client invoices and inputs student information into ASA database. She also handles retakes and challenges for all ASA courses and manages ASA’s University Partner Program. She has been with ASA just over a year. Samantha’s educational experience, attention to detail and eight years of work experience provide her with a valuable skill set crucial to her role. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and International Studies from Kenyon College, a Master of Science degree in Fashion Apparel Manufacturing with a concentration in Advanced Apparel Manufacturing from Philadelphia University. Prior to ASA, Samantha held both service and operational positions for organizations and institutions like Philadelphia University, Fairfax County Public Schools and several notable greater New York metro Garment Manufacturers. Samantha may be reached at (703) 733-2107 or

Stephanie Paratore confirming instructor availability and schedule

Stephanie Paratore confirming instructor availability and schedule

Stephanie Paratore, Senior Manager, Education Programs, manages ASA’s Principles of Valuation (POV) courses, handles logistics for pre-, during, and post-POV courses, manages chapter education courses including correspondence, logistics, course materials and invoicing and maintains ASA’s database with updated course dates, cancellations, instructors and pricing. She has been with ASA for over a decade. Stephanie’s tenure, along with her educational background and 11 years of work experience provide her with valuable insight into key education-related components of ASA’s management systems. She has a Bachelors degree in Health Science with a minor degree in Business Administration from George Mason University. Prior to ASA, Stephanie worked for the American String Teachers Association as an office assistant and the National Association of Health Underwriters as an assistant manager of education. Stephanie may be reached at (703) 733-2137 or

Together, these four individuals work to ensure an enriching educational experience for members and other allied professionals.


ICAP Event Recap

Audience at the ICAP Conference

Audience at the ICAP Conference

On August 1, 2016 ASA’s Chicago Chapter participated at the Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (ICAP) annual seminar. This event took place at the Lisle Sheraton Hotel, where over 300 professionals attended. The ASA presenters were Chicago Chapter President David B. Koller, ASA, Chicago Chapter Vice President Brian McCabe, ASA, Chicago Chapter Secretary Dan Daitchman, ASA, and Barton DeLacy, ASA.

ASA Chicago Chapter members before their panel discussion at ICAP: Dan Daitchman, ASA; Barton DeLacy, ASA, Brian McCabe, ASA and David Koller, ASA

ASA Chicago Chapter members before their panel discussion at ICAP: Dan Daitchman, ASA; Barton DeLacy, ASA, Brian McCabe, ASA and David Koller, ASA

The chapter panel focused on the challenges that Real Property Appraisers are facing today. Barton DeLacy, ASA, a real property appraiser, moderated the discussion entitled How to Expand Your Appraisal Practice during the conference. The main topic was about the opportunities given to real property appraisers when they collaborate with appraisers from other disciplines. The panel consisted of two Business Valuation appraisers, Dan Daitchman, ASA and Brian McCabe, ASA along with Machinery and Technical specialties appraiser, David Koller, ASA.

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Chicago Chapter officers, Brian McCabe, ASA and David Koller, ASA, answering questions about ASA

After the panel, all three current officers of the Chicago Chapter spent the day answering questions and giving insight on their own experiences.  Other ASA Chicago Chapter member volunteers were Steven Thomas, ASA and Patricia H. Atwood, ASA. The conference provided networking and educational opportunities for both attendees and exhibitors.


Spotlight on ASA’s New Personal Property Course the Business of Appraising— What You Need to Know about Running Your Appraisal Practice

75x100 libraryEditor’s Note: The American Society of Appraisers is hosting a Personal Property class Business of Appraising— What You Need to Know about Running Your Appraisal Practice on Friday, October 14-Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 9:00am to 4:30pm at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. ASA received a preview of course from instructor Joy Berus. 

Q: Can you tell us a little about how this class was formed?
A: I have found through the course of my career that many clients and colleagues do not understand the process of setting up and running an appraisal practice. This course was developed to help75 x 100Statue_in_front_of_the_Huntington_Library_building take you through the process on what to do, where to start, and how to maintain it once you have it running.

Q: What can attendees expect to take away from this class?
A: This class will provide both new and experienced personal property appraisers insight into setting up and running a successful appraisal practice. Students will receive valuable tips and advice on important business and legal issues that many valuation professionals face. Topics being discussed will include contracts, business entities and trusts, employees and independents contractors, leases, expenses, taxes, liabilities, getting paid and more.

Q: Why should appraisers of personal property or gems & jewelry attend this class?
A: This course is appropriate for new or experienced appraisers wishing to update and review current issues pertaining to conducting an appraisal business.

75 x 100 Berus, JoyQ: Can you give us some background information about yourself?
A: I am a nationally known expert in the practice of art law with over 20 years of experience. My unique practice focuses on art and other tangible assets as an asset class with the goal of maximizing value and minimizing tax liability. I have specialized knowledge in art law, personal property law, tax law, appraisal law, UCC, and transactional law. I serve the needs of individual, corporate and museum clients who own all types of tangible assets from paintings, sports memorabilia, jewelry, and wine to classic cars.


To register for this class or for more information visit ASA Online


ASA Announces New Personal Property Valuation Webinar Series

The American Society of Appraisers announces a new webinar series focusing on topics geared towards appraisers and allied professionals who specialize in personal property.

1x1 a

Personal Property Appraiser, Alan Aimone, ASA

75x100The series will kick off August 17, 2016, with Books for the Generalist Appraiser, presented by Alan Aimone, ASA. This online webinar will focus on information required for a book appraisal. The instructor will give recommendations on the approach to inspecting and examining a book while introducing the six value factors to valuing published material. The webinar will take an inside look at aspects of the book market, publishing trends, characteristics of an advanced book collection and more.

Webinar airs 1-3p.m. ET | $79 members; $99 non-members | 2 CE credit

Personal Property Appraiser, Stephen M.H. Braitman, ASA

Personal Property Appraiser, Stephen M.H. Braitman, ASA

Appraising Music Memorabilia: Issues and Opportunity will follow, airing on September 28, 2016, and presented by Stephen M.H. Braitman, ASA. This online webinar will serve as a primer for the general personal property appraiser on what to look for when confronted with a music collection, and will provide an overview of the current market for records and music memorabilia, including LPs, 45s, posters, sheet music, photographs, signed guitars and more. The most important takeaway will be the knowledge to know within a relatively short time whether a collection is worth serious evaluation or not.

Webinar airs 1-2p.m. ET | $39 members; $69 non-members | 1 CE credit

75 x 100Stephen-Whitlock

Director of Office of Public Responsibility, Internal Revenue Service, Steve Whitlock

75x 100IRSHow Due Diligence and other Provisions of IRS Circular 230 Apply to Appraisers will be airing on October 26, 2016, presented by Steve Whitlock. This online webinar will provide an overview of the history and provisions related to appraisers in Title 31 of the Code of Federal Regulations. It will explain how appraisers are impacted by IRS standards for professional conduct and several key questions will be discussed such as: What due diligence obligations and other key provisions of Circular 230 apply to appraisers? Why might the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility sanction an appraiser? What sanctions can be taken, and how are they publicized? What is the difference between sanctions and penalties? What penalties apply to appraisers?

Webinar airs 1-2p.m. ET | $39 members; $69 non-members | 1 CE credit

International Microsoft Office Coach, Teresa Bell

new excelClosing out 2016, Secret Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel to Create Easy Inventory Valuation Reports will air November 9, 2016, with presenter Teresa Bell. This online webinar is for the self-taught Excel user who knows there must be an easier way of producing inventory claims reports. You’re right. There are super easy ways. In the “Appraiser’s World” time is of the essence. Stop wasting time clicking around in Excel trying to find the tools you need. You will finally learn how to make Microsoft Excel work for you instead of you working for Microsoft Excel. This fun and interactive 90 minute session will fly by as we explore how to easily design inventory valuation reports so that they are easier for your colleagues/clients to understand and read.

Webinar airs 1-3p.m. ET | $79 members; $99 non-members | 2 CE credits


Peter Held Art Appraisals & Associates, LLC |

Personal Property Appraiser, Peter Held

Kicking off the New Year, Appraising 20th & 21st Century Studio Craft will air on February 15, 2017, presented by Peter Held, AM. This online webinar will give appraisers the resources to better understand the market (retail, secondary, auction). Appraisers will also receive clarification on issues of identification when appraising 20th & 21st century studio crafts. Discussions of craft materials and techniques will help prepare the appraiser in establishing values for insurance, charitable contributions, and estate planning.

Webinar airs 1-3p.m. ET | $79 members; $99 non-members | 2 CE credits

ASA online webinars provide an excellent, cost-effective learning environment that not only saves busy professionals time and money, but also keeps them updated on the latest tips, trends and issues impacting their practice and professional growth. Register online for an ASA webinar today, or by calling (800) 272-8258.

Have a busy schedule and can’t make a live online webinar? ASA has a full lineup of recorded webinars for immediate OnDemand download. Visit ASA’s Marketplace for a complete listing of available titles.


Spotlight on ASA’s Jade: Identification, Treatment and Value Course

Editor’s Note: The American Society of Appraisers new GJ207 – Jade: Identification, Treatment and Value course will be held Wednesday, September 14, 2016 in Boca Raton, FL. For those new to this topic, let’s take a closer look to learn more with Q&A from course instructors, Branko Delijanin and Angelina Yip

2 Mawsitsit_(chromian_jade)_(Namshamaw_Deposit,_Hpakan-Tawmaw_Jade_Tract,_Late_Jurassic,_147_Ma;_Maw_Sit_Sit,_near_Kansi,_western_Kachin_State,_Indo-Burma_Range,_northern_Burma)_4_(15017271637)How has the industry of Jade changed over the past few years?
The price had gone sky-high, there is almost no limit of how much a high quality piece of jade would cost. B jade (impregnated) is getting harder to detect and advanced instruments need to be used.

What new issues do you see in the Jade industry?
Some jade dealers in the Far East have recently perfected a method of making lower quality jade appear very similar to its top quality counterpart. Dyed quartzite has been selling as “Canadian jade” at major shows by some Asian dealers.

What do you think the future will hold for the Jade industry?
More and more B and C jade (dyed) and jade simulants will be in the market because of affordability. Nephrite Jade prices will continue to rise due to higher demand for jade in China and Asia.

Why should a GJ appraiser, gemologist, jeweler or dealer attend this course?
Gemologist should understand more about how to separate jadeite from its simulants and how to screen for A, B, or C jade. Appraisers, jewelers and dealers will have better understanding of the quality of Jade and how to appraise, buy or sell such.

What topics will the course cover?

  • Separation of Jadeite Jade from Nephrite Jade
  • Identification and Jade imitations with standard instruments
  • Use of spectroscopy and microscopy in detecting dyed jadeite jade
  • Screening for Jade (A, B or C) with UV lamp
  • Testing of Jade with advanced instruments at CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian gemlab
  • Quality grading of Nephrite and Jadeite Jade
  • Providing information on Jade pricing and researching prices

How to use standard gemological equipment for identification?
How to use the basic equipment for identification; learn about the different treatments of jade, and valuation. They will also get handout material of each PowerPoint slide and Jade article by instructor published in “Business Jewellery”.

Branko Delijanin, B. Sc., GG. FGA, DUG

Branko Delijanin, B. Sc., GG. FGA, DUG

Can you give us some background information about yourself?
[Branko Deljanin] As a research gemologist with extensive experience in advanced testing of diamonds and gemstones, I have conducted on-site research on gems and colored diamonds in Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil and Australia, and managed many projects on natural, treated and synthetic gems and diamonds. I am also an instructor of “Advanced Gemology” programs on diamonds and gems and have taught in Canada, USA, Russia, Brazil, Europe (UK, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Italy), Australia and Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand).

Angelina Yip, GG., RMV

Angelina Yip, GG., RMV

[Angelina Yip] I have always been fascinated with gemstones, especially jadeite. I hold credentials as a Graduate Gemologist (GIA), Accredited Senior Gemologist (AGA), and Registered Master Valuer (RMV) and have extensive training in the identification and evaluation of various jewellery and all types of gemstones including diamonds, coloured stones, jadeites and pearls.


NACVA Event Recap

The American Society of Appraisers participated in the 25th Annual Consultants’ Conference on Saturday, June 9, 2016 at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA.

FullSizeRender 2This annual event, hosted by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, featured compelling speakers presenting captivating topics. Speakers and topics included Robert James Cimasi, ASA with Treading Matters in Business Valuation and Healthcare Valuation, Can’t See the Forest for the Trees—Misapplication of Economic Theory to the Increasing Regulatory Trend Against Vertical Healthcare Integration, and Conversations with the Masters Q&A Panel, Courtney S. White, ASA with Analyzing Personal Goodwill in Matrimonial and Estate Valuations, Robert J. Grossman, ASA with Impact of the IRS Job Aids and The Three Valuation Approaches —Challenges and Issues, Chris E. Best, ASA with Preparing Defensible Forecasts, Jason Ruchaber, ASA with Nuances in the Valuation of Service Line Joint Ventures, Bruce A. Johnson, ASA with How to Objectively Support Discounts for Lack of Marketability—The Empirical Approach, Lisa M. Cribben, ASA with Goodwill— Why it Should Not be a Dirty Word in the Valuation of Physician Practices, and Mel H. Abraham, ASA with Make-Over or Do-Over? Your Practice Building Workshop.

image1 1 (002)

Region 5 Governor Blake J. Runckel, ASA Representing ASA’s Business Valuation Department at NACVA

ASA was represented by Portland-based business valuation appraiser and Region 5 Governor Blake J. Runckel, ASA. Mr. Runckel supported ASA’s BV exhibition and recruitment efforts throughout the conference. His experience and background as a business valuer and chartered financial analyst helped provide valuable insight into the Society, BV Education, membership opportunities and Business Valuation Review publication for attendees.


European Valuation Conference Recap


International President, Linda B. Trugman, ASA Speaking at the European Valuation Conference

The American Society of Appraisers held its first European Valuation Conference on May 26, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. This conference was an important milestone not only in the history of ASA but also for the valuation industry in Europe.

Supported by an exceptionally strong roster of speakers, this conference represented a unique platform where investors, executives, regulators and valuation professionals discuss the current challenges of business valuation. Speakers and sessions included Roger J. Grabowski, FASA with New Developments in Cost of Capital: Beyond CAPM, APT and Black Scholes, Jan Marek, ASA with Implied ERP-Key Drivers, Misinterpretations, Mauro Bini with Comparison of Private _JMI8965Transactions and Publicly Traded Companies Multiples, Gustavo Tella with A Fundamental Approach to the Cost of Debt, Aswath Damodaran with Valuation: Six Lesson to Take Away!, and Mark Kantor with Ethical standards of Expert Witnesses.

The evening ended with a reception where attendees were given the opportunity to meet and network with prominent individuals in the field.

The American Society of Appraisers would like to thank our sponsors for their support. Thank you to Deloitte, S&P Global Market Intelligence, MiddleCap, EY, PwC, iiBV International Institute of Business Valuers, and Fakulta Sociálních Věd Univerzita Karlova

To view photos from this event click here.


ASA/USC 11th Annual Fair Value Conference – Los Angeles Recap

RadissonThis year’s 11th Annual Fair Value Conference took place on Wednesday, June 8th at the Radisson Hotel at USC. Hosted by the American Society of Appraisers’ and the University Of Southern California Leventhal School Of Accounting, this event featured important updates on fair value matters impacting financial reporting and their importance.

This event was an opportunity for attendees to obtain insight from various internationally recognized representatives on the needs of valuation in the development of audits and their fair value estimates. These insights could then become employed in a technical or business management practice setting. Topics and speakers included FASB Update on Fair Value Matters by Adam Kamhi, SEC Update by Kristopher Shirley, Transaction Due Diligence Considerations by Mike Kim and Razmik FVC_USCLibarian, Valuation Profession Initiative Update by Tony Aaron, Volatility Estimation and Measurement by Amanda Miller, Contingent Consideration Task Force Update by Alok Mahajan, PCAOB Update by George Wilfert, Pepperdine Capital Markets Survey Update by Craig Everett, Credit Value Adjustments by Anthony Law, and AICPA Fair Value Update by Mark Smith.

Each panel encouraged the audience to ask questions and to become engaged in their areas. In addition to the panels and lectures, attendees were able to enjoy exceptional networking opportunities from leading firms and top valuation boutiques. This event truly proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for all who attended.

Special thanks goes to our sponsors for making this event a great success.


globalview advisors




5th Annual Equipment Valuation Conference Recap

IMG_0143The American Society of Appraisers recently held its 2016 5th Annual Equipment Valuation Conference on June 8-9 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Metropolitan at The 9.

Sponsored by ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee, this annual event has grown to become the central source for the latest insight into the equipment valuation process. The welcome reception kicked off the event offering mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres, refreshing cocktails, and an abundance of networking opportunities at the Azure Sun Lounge.

On Wednesday morning, introductions and welcome remarks were made by the head event coordinator, Joseph M. Santora, ASA. Guest speakers provided insight of the industry and its trends. This year’s lineup included Jeffrey Dunn on Aircraft, David L. Helle, ASA on Bank Regulations, Mekael Teshome on Economic Outlook, Andy Decker onIMG_0271 Forklift/Lift Truck, R. Lee Robinette, ASA on Ins and Outs of USPAP, Thomas M. Hazelhurst on Machine Tools, Mark A. Craig, ASA on Mining, Brad Hartsburg, ASA on Oil, Gas, and Fracking, Will Tefft and Kevin Sensenbrenner, ASA on Residual Setting, and Michael E. Winterfeld, ASA on Transportation. And as an added bonus, an offsite tour was offered for attendees of the Great Lakes Towing Company where they were able to gain a hands-on experience in appraising equipment.

The American Society of Appraisers would like to thank Taylor & Martin, Inc., Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, Gordan Brothers Group, Irontrax, Equipment Leasing & Finance Association, Spencer Appraisal Associates, Exact Crane & Equipment Corp., Azure, and the MTS Journal for their support.

To view photos from the event chick here.