Spotlight on the New ASA Personal Property Listserv with Lela Hersh


Editor’s Note: The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) provides several listservs for the benefits of its members. ASA understands the importance of keeping members connected by creating an online community allowing members to engage, connect and promote knowledge with others in the field. In preparation for the release of the Society’s highly anticipated ASA Personal Property Listserv we sat down with the Discipline’s Chair, Lela Hersh, ASA, to get the inside scope.

What was the driving force behind the creation of the new ASA Personal Property Listserv?
ASA is the leading international, multidiscipline valuation professional organization, whose core mission is to provide the latest education and credentialing services to the appraisal profession and allied professionals. As new research and trends emerge, the Society’s thought leaders, developers and expert instructors are constantly exploring innovative and beneficial solutions. Presently, there’s a push towards online discussion forums, which foster collaborative learning and reflection—critical components of professional development and career growth. Online discussion forums allow participants to raise questions, demonstrate knowledge, share experiences and make connections.

Could you tell us a little bit more about it?
The primary goal for the new ASA Personal Property Listserv is to grow and foster a sense of community amongst like-minded professionals. Participants can meet new people and network, share and learn new ideas, gather technical information and feedback, establish credibility and grow their personal brand.

What are some of the benefits of the listserv?
Participants can exchange ideas, information and experiences in an open and friendly environment. A great resource for networking and problem solving, the ASA Personal Property Listserv is unique in that it focuses solely on issues and concerns specific to personal property valuation profession. It greatly helps you and your colleagues by making it simple and efficient to share best practices stories, post information about an exciting tip you’ve learned that’s geared towards your specialty, tell others about an enlightening article you recently read, ask questions and seek answers to business challenges, and more! We believe the information and contacts you gain through this forum will be invaluable. And, it’s easy to participate!

What recommendations would you give to listserv users?
We recommend participating in the ASA Personal Property Listserv often. New conversations and responses are posted daily by personal property appraisers. You can also post your own questions to solicit advice and feedback from your peers. We recommend that participants ask for responses be sent directly to them and then respond to the entire group once a week. We also ask that members refrain from personal responses to posts like “thank you” and “good idea” in order to limit the amount of emails participants receive.

When will the listserv launch?
The ASA Personal Property Listserv will launch on March 15, 2018.

What will members have to do to subscribe and use?
The process to subscribe and use will be quick and easy. Detailed subscription and instructions will be made available online and sent by e-mail to members prior to launch.

Who do members contact for more information on the listserv?
For information about the new ASA Personal Property Listserv, please contact ASA at or (800) 272-8258.

Lela Hersh, ASA
Chair, Personal Property Discipline Committee

About Interviewee:
Lela Hersh, ASA, is the founder and president of Chicago metro area based Museum and Fine Arts Consulting, LLC, where she provides personalized advisory and research services to cultural institutions, corporations, galleries and private collectors. She has been involved in the arts for over 35 years. Ms. Hersh has a Master of Fine Arts and is an Accredited Senior Appraiser from the American Society of Appraisers where she presently serves as the chair for the Society’s Personal Property Discipline Committee. Ms. Hersh may be reached at (847) 780-4560 or

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