ASA Launches New Online Reaccreditation Portal

Reaccreditation Process Simplified—Now Available Online

Editor’s Note: ASA sat down with the Chair—Board of Examiners, Douglas R. Krieser, ASA, to find out more about the Society’s new Online Reaccreditation Portal.

reaccredASA: Tell us more about ASA’s new Online Reaccreditation Portal?
Krieser: ASA is moving from a process of sending in your-accreditation’ packet to a process of self-reporting. Instead of compiling your information, sending it in to ASA headquarters via e-mail or mail, all you need to do now is enter the data into an easy-to-use online template, which will automatically record your hours in a variety of activities.

ASA: How do designated members access the new Online Reaccreditation Portal?
Krieser: Simply login to ASA’s website and click on the My Reaccreditation link (located on the left-side, vertical navigation menu).

ASA: What other reaccreditation changes are new?
Krieser: In addition to the new online reaccreditation process, several new and/or updated reaccreditation policies have been implemented. One important change is the required 100 hours has now been divided into two categories: Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Activities (PA). Members must now have at least forty (40) hours of the required credits in continuing education-specific activities, while the balance may be met through CE or a wide-range of other related professional activities. Changes have been noted in ASA’s updated Guide to Professional Reaccreditation.

ASA: Why were these changes made?
Krieser: The main impetus was to bring all of the Society’s disciplines into conformity with each other and into conformance with existing and upcoming Appraisal Foundation Qualifications requirements, as well as to make the entire re-accreditation process easier, faster and more efficient.

ASA: How can designated members learn more?
Krieser: A brief video demonstrating this new process may be viewed here. Designated Members can also contact an ASA’s reaccreditation specialists by phone (800) 272-8258 or e-mail Your reaccreditation specialist is here to assist and guide you through these new processes if you should need any assistance.

Krieser, D newDouglas R. Krieser, ASA is Chair—Board of Examiners for the American Society of Appraisers. Mr. Krieser is founder and president of Valcon Partners, Ltd. He has performed and supervised valuations and consulting projects on an international basis for over 30 years. His area of expertise is primarily machinery & equipment/personal property. However, he has valued buildings and improvements for insurance purposes.

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