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International Ethics Standards Coalition Meeting Recap

George Mason University Arlington, VA Campus

George Mason University Arlington, VA Campus

On October 25, 2016, individuals from across the globe participated in the International Ethics Standards Coalition (IESC) Trustees’ Meeting held at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. This two day gathering was the second phase of the International Ethics Standards being developed by the IESC.

The meeting commenced Tuesday morning with introductions and a presentation of the draft standards. Shortly after, various key matters were highlighted, such as, the discussion on whether the Standards-Setting Committee (SSC) has met their terms of reference, the future of the Committee, discussion of the final look, and the vote for a potential launch date. Wednesday focused on the agreed-upon course of action for the draft standard. Vital questions arose from attendees but were soon answered by the leaders of this coalition. The meeting concluded with the affirmative vote to release the standards as modified at the meeting.

Throughout the two day meeting, the American Society of Appraisers got a chance to sit down and chat with key players of this coalition. Some of these key players included the Chairmen of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, Peter Bolton King; Deputy Chairmen of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, Anthony P. Grant; Regional Manager Director for Americas RICS, Neil Shah; ASA’s Liaison and ASA’s Former Chair of Ethics, Gary R. Trugman, ASA; and; Trustee of JaSIA and Secretary General of the Board of Trustees of the International Ethics Standards, Richard Berkemeier, ASA.

Peter Bolton King, Chairmen of the IESC, has played a vital role in the formation of this ethics coalition. Mr. King found that international organizations did not have a global code of ethics that they could follow. From there he created the International Ethics Standards Coalition (IESC), based on the fact that newer generations of consumers were growing and they wanted to comprehend the process of how the value was achieved. Mr. Bolton King believed that by having these standards in place, not only would it help organizations be trustworthy in the market but it would show consumers that they can rely on organizations to create ethically conduct business practices.

Peter Bolton King, Chairmen of the International Ethics Standards Coalition

Peter Bolton King, Chairmen of IESC


“From a valuers perspective, I think having these high codes of ethics illustrates that your organization is dealing with similar likeminded individuals from around the world and you are reassuring the consumer that they are dealing with people who can be trusted.”—Peter Bolton King, Chair of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, October 2016


Anthony P. Grant, Deputy Chair of the IESC, believed that all organizations understood the meaning of these global standard which are high in principles, ethics, honesty, and decency. He has also emphasized the amount of dedication and work participants have made in making this dream into a reality and having it available to the public on the coalition’s website.

Anthony P. Grant, Deputy Chairmen of IESC

Anthony P. Grant, Deputy Chairmen of IESC


“The coalition rules as one coordinating body that provides resources and assistances to all of its 104 members. Our website, which is vastly compressive thanks to administration by RICS and contributions from trustees from all of our 104 associations, has information for each discipline”— Anthony P. Grant, Deputy Chairmen of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, October 2016


Neil Shah, Reginal Manager Director for Americas RICS, explained that several complications have arisen in the profession since the global financial crisis. He has confidence that certain markets will rise up from their recessionary effects and will continue to invest in their infrastructure in a resilient stainable way. Mr. Shah has also expressed the phenomenal progress that these standards have made and the diversity of organizations coming together for the public interest.

Neil Shah, Reginal Manager Director for Americas RICS

Neil Shah, Reginal Manager Director for Americas RICS


“These are professional organizations that have come together to raise the profile of the profession in the marketplace and commit to ethical behavior. Professionals need to make decisions in the public interest and in the interest of their clients.  RICS is firmly committed to that from an organizational standpoint”— Neil Shah, Regional Managing Director for Americas RICS, October 2016


Gary R. Trugman,  Liaison and ASA’ Former Chair of Ethics, has expressed the importance of the American Society of Appraiser’s participation in this coalition and the positive effects it will have. He noted that these standards are at a high level and any business that is interested in doing business on an international level should be supporting these standards. When asked about his reaction to the coalition and its affiliates, he praised the founders and the surrounding organizations that have been involved.

Gary Trugman, Liaison and ASA’ Former Chair of Ethics

Gary Trugman, ASA


“This is probably the most elite group I have ever been associated with. I am extremely impressed with what I have seen and the caliber of people here. The people involved are people that I want to know and who I would want to do business with on an international level.”— Gary Trugman, Liaison and ASA’ Former Chair of Ethics, October 2016


Richard Berkemeier, Trustee of JaSIA and Secretary General of the Board of Trustees of the International Ethics Standards, has emphasized the influence and the importance ethical standards have on the appraisal industry. With the standards being implemented on a global scale, he is certain that the appraisal industry is leading in the right path.


Richard Berkemeier, ASA

Richard Berkemeier, ASA

“Ethical Standard are the foundation and bedrock of the appraisal industry. In the future I see ethic standard as part of the education process of individuals seeking to be professional appraisers. Like the ‘Dutch Banking Oath’ I would like to see appraisers take on a similar oath as part of the accreditation process. The International Ethics Standard has set the basic framework for our industry going forward. I congratulate all the Trustees, Officer and author for their contribution.”— Richard Berkemeier, Trustee of JaSIA and Secretary General of the Board of Trustees of the International Ethics Standards, December 2016


George Mason University’s Arlington campus was the ideal location for this affair because of their emphasis on ethical teachings which is offered in the School of Business.

Dr. Sarah E. Nutter, Dean of George Mason University School of Business

Dr. Sarah E. Nutter, Dean of GMU School of Business


“Ethics is embedded and is the foundation of our entire program in both our undergraduate and graduate programs. All of our programs whether it be accounting, finance, business valuation, or real estate has an ethical focus in their given field”— Dr. Sarah E. Nutter, Dean of George Mason University School of Business, November 2016


Dr. C. Kat Grimsley, Director of the Master’s in Real Estate Development program at the George Mason University, served as a member of the Standard Setting Committee of the International Ethics Coalition and helped support the coordination of this successful affair. She has emphasized the importance of the real estate program and the extraordinary events that the program participates in.

Dr. C. Kat Grimsley, GMU Director of the Master’s in Real Estate Development Program GMU

Dr. C. Kat Grimsley, Real Estate Development Program Director


“We are looking to empower the next generation of industry leaders in Real Estate. Our Master’s program has grown since its beginning in 2009 and is now able to participate in important global affairs, such as the International Ethics Standards Coalition Trustees Meeting”— Dr. C. Kat Grimsley, Director of the Master’s in Real Estate Development Program George Mason University, November 2016


Students were given the chance to meet IESC Trustees and key industry leaders.

May Abou Ghazaleh, EagleBank Scholar Award Winner

May Abou Ghazaleh, EagleBank Scholar Award Winner


“The good thing about this program is that it’s not only academic but it’s also provides professional information and experience to its students”—May Abou Ghazaleh, EagleBank Scholar Award Winner, November 2016


With the first set of global ethical principles now published, thanks to the efforts of the independent Standards Setting Committee, organizations now have the capability to apply these new set of standards in their daily practice. For those who are new and are interested in obtaining information on the coalition, please visit


Marine Survey Course Recap

img_0988The highly anticipated Marine Survey course took place on October 27-29, 2016 in Norfolk, Virginia. This course was specially designed for the nonmarine professional who desired basic knowledge of the marine industry and for the marine professional who yearned for an appraiser’s perspective. Attendees of this course included M&E appraisers; a representative from Canada; representatives of several banks; a maritime professional; several BV appraisers; and a Deloitte representative from Tokyo.

eileen_mcallisterThe venue was the ideal location for students to witness daily naval traffic that goes through the Elizabeth River. Students traveled to the McAllister Towing and Transportation yard where they were given a tour of the M/V EILEEN McALLISTER, an ocean service tug that has worked from Alaska to Nova Scotia and into the Caribbean. Participates were astonishment with the labor and preparations needed for the McAllister Towing Tug in pulling the Staten Island Ferry from Norfolk back to New York City.

img_0993Topics covered throughout the course include marine equipment and its special language, the marine industry and function of marine surveyors and appraisers, the three approaches to value as they apply to commercial and yacht appraisal, the identification of marine equipment and systems, report preparation, and the different types of Bluewater and Brownwater equipment.

As part of the coast to coast rotation of this course, the next offering, in 2017, will be at a site on the Great Lakes.

To view photos of the course click here.

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Personal Property Successfully Completes Inaugural POV Program with New University Partner


The American Society of Appraisers’ newest university partner, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) in Boston, has successfully completed its inaugural four-course ASA POV program for personal property appraisers. On November 5, Personal Property and MassArt wrapped up their first season together with USPAP. Starting with POV 201 back in January and ending with USPAP this past weekend, students from the Boston area and beyond learned together both in and out of the classroom, taking advantage of MassArt’s location in the heart of the city.

MassArt is the nation’s first independent public college of art and design, and was the first art college in the United States to grant a degree. Students found it to be a convenient venue, with nonstop arts activities and a plethora of historical and cultural attractions—such as the famous Quincy Market, Boston Public Garden, Boston Public Library, and Boston Ballet—as well as countless shops and restaurants—all just minutes away. An easy walk from the classroom, The Museum of Fine Arts proved to be the perfect spot for lunch, and students had plenty of time to visit the collections as well.

pic-1Students found the four POV classes to be helpful whether they were just beginning to explore the appraisal profession or advancing their careers. The instructors, all accredited senior appraisers with ASA, were not only knowledgeable, they were also extremely generous with their time before, during, and after classes.

While most of the students were from the Boston area, some came from Washington, DC, and other places on the east coast, and as far away as Michigan and Colorado. Most of the core cohort were collectors or art “appreciators” in some way—commercial photographers, individuals trying to get a gallery up off the ground, or people working for an auction house.

One member of the first MassArt cohort says, “We were very lucky to have such a great group—everyone was highly supportive of each other and worked well together to work through appraisal problems. We would often get off onto a tangent with some of the more complex concepts, but I think we got so much more out of the classes because of it.”

ASA and MassArt look forward to continued success working together to help prospective and current appraisers meet the public’s increasingly rigorous expectations.


Spectacular IRS Approved Webinar Recap

Left: Personal Property Appraiser, Patricia Atwood, ASA. Right: Director of Office of Public Responsibility, Internal Revenue Service, Steve Whitlock.

Left: Personal Property Appraiser, Patricia Atwood, ASA. Right: Director of Office of Professional Responsibility, Internal Revenue Service, Steve Whitlock.

On October 26, 2016, the American Society of Appraisers aired the IRS approved How Due Diligence and other Provisions of IRS Circular 230 Apply to Appraisers webinar. This online webinar provided an overview of the history and provisions related to appraisers in Title 31 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The webinar also helped explain how appraisers are impacted by the IRS standards for professional conduct. Several key questions and answers were discussed, including: What due diligence obligations and other key provisions of Circular 230 apply to appraisers? Why might the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility sanction an appraiser? What sanctions can be taken, and how are they publicized? What is the difference between sanctions and penalties? What penalties apply to appraisers?

ASA was honored to have the Director of Office of Public Responsibility (OPR), Internal Revenue Service, Steve Whitlock, present this multidisciplinary webinar. Mr. Whitlock was appointed as the Director of Office of Professional Responsibility for the Internal Revenue Service in August 2015, and previously served as Deputy Director from 2002 to 2007. The OPR administers the IRS regulations governing the practice of attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and enrolled actuaries, as set out in Treasury Circular 230. Under his leadership the office changed its focus to address misconduct posing a greater potential of adversely impacting tax administration, including tax opinion abuses and conflicts of interest.

Patricia Atwood, ASA served as moderator for the hour long presentation. Ms. Atwood, an Accredited Senior Appraiser, has been a member of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council at IRS since 2015 and also serves on the Appraisal Standards Board of The Appraisal Foundation.

For more information on upcoming PP courses visit ASA Online or contact us at (800) 272-8258.


ASA’s CEO Participates in IVSC 2016 AGM in Bali

ASA's CEO, Jim Hirt is pictured here with IVSC Chairman, Sir David Tweedie.

ASA’s CEO, Jim Hirt is pictured here with IVSC Chairman, Sir David Tweedie.

ASA’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Hirt represented ASA at the 2016 International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) AGM event this month in Bali, Indonesia. Mr. Hirt, along with other representatives from valuation professional organizations met to discuss the initiatives of IVSC, the soon to be released 2017 international valuation standards, and the advancement of universally accepted standards for the valuation of assets across the world. On behalf of ASA, Mr. Hirt also has agreed to host the next IVSC VPO meeting of CEO’s on December 6 at the headquarters of ASA.

Schedule for the three-day event, included:

Monday, October 10, 2016

  • Meeting of CEOs of IVSC member bodies
  • IVSC Standards Board working session
  • AFWG Private Meeting (closed)
  • AFWG interactive session with IVSC Standards Board representatives
  • IVSC Reception (sponsored by MOF)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

  • IVSC Board of Trustees
  • IVSC Standards Board
  • IVSC Advisory Forum Working Group
  • IVS Presentation (Standards Board)
  • IVSC Dinner (sponsored by MAPPI)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

  • IVSC Board of Trustees
  • IVSC Standards Board private working session
  • IVSC Advisory Forum meeting
  • IVSC AFWG Only – Wrap Up
  • IVSC/APEC Roundtable
  • IIBV Debate: Around the World in 80 Valuations
  • IIBV Cocktail Reception
Event was hosted at the Inaya Putri Bali Hotel.

Event was hosted at the Inaya Putri Bali Hotel.

The venue for the 2016 AGM was the Inaya Putri Bali Hotel, located in Kawasan Wisata, Nusa Dua, Bali and situated in one of Bali’s most famed beachfront. Inspired by Bali’s timeless cultural heritage, INAYA Putri Bali is blessed with an expansive 9.1 hectare of green garden that merge seamlessly with a white sand beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. Accommodation is a collection of  460 contemporary styled guest rooms, suites and exclusive villas that emulate the style of Balinese Penglipuran village, with architecture inspired by 7 Hindu Goddesses, and which incorporate elements of local artistry.


Advanced Mining and International Mine Expo Recap

resize-pic-oneThe American Society of Appraisers hosted the Advanced Mining course on September 23-25, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. This three-day class, with an option to attend the 2016 Mining Expo, was designed to provide students with additional information on current estimates of capital mining equipment costs, expand on mining safety, discuss high wall hazards, and much more. The course was taught by experienced appraisal professional, Charles W. “Bill” Ruth, ASA, who has been an accredited appraiser with ASA for more than 25 years.

Twenty students registered for the course consisting of eight international students and twelve US base students. The classroom varied in professional appraisal experience, which set forth the perfect environment to acquire different perspectives in the machinery and technical specialties industry. resize-2Special guests were featured providing insight on specific topics being presented. These special guests included Gerald L. Fangman, ASA who presented information on the drone usage for onsite inspections and ASA’s Australia Chapter President Craig Bowring who addressed what financial institutions look for in an appraisal. The next part of the course was to visit the International Mine Expo, which drew a crowd of 50,000 attendees. Educational sessions started with the Opening Session moderated by Fox News analyst and chair, Nina Easton. Educational sessions continued throughout Tuesday and Wednesday led by 20 experts in the mining industry. The Mine Expo had a great deal available for individuals to see and attend, with 12 halls, 10 pavilions, and over 1,900 exhibitors from 37 countries. This portion of the class gave students the opportunity to experience the sheer size of the latest mining equipment offered to the mining industry.

resize-3The American Society of Appraisers and Charles W. “Bill” Ruth, ASA were also featured in Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly during the Expo. The article discussed the importance in attending the Expo in order to gain the highest level of education from well-known professionals who are in the mining industry.

For more information visit ASA Online or contact us at (800) 272-8258.


ASA Visits Shanghai China

14355730_10207275983801611_2241835671049971394_nThe American Society of Appraisers had the pleasure of traveling to China as guests of the Shanghai BETTER Institute of Jewelry to offer appraisal training for gems and jewelry professionals. The collaboration with Shanghai BETTER Institute of Jewelry is part of the continuing effort by ASA to expand overseas and to provide the highest level of ethical, educational, and professional appraisal training worldwide. ASA had the opportunity to follow Theresa Brossmer, ASA, MGA, ARM-GJ and Mary B. Reich, ASA, MGA on their journey.

The course kicked off on Monday, September 19, 2016 with opening remarks and introductions. Mr. Qian, Chairman of the Shanghai Gem and Jade Association and former ASA-GJ216 student from the 2003 class in Beijing addressed the audience that included students, industry professionals and dignitaries.  14333757_10207275984481628_7269923178899294061_nWith the help of a highly competent translator, the 22 students worked intensively throughout the 10 days to learn to develop and write gem and jewelry appraisals based on ASA standards. The curriculum included terminology, competency, due diligence, ASA gems & jewelry descriptive guidelines, research, analysis, record keeping, general appraisal procedures, and tips on the development of a professional jewelry appraisal practice. After completing ASA-GJ216 and successfully passing the final exam, students fulfilled ASA’s Principles of Valuation education requirements and gained a better understanding of the valuation theory that forms the basis for appraisal development and report writing.

14502962_10207340168006176_8257637153384119497_nEven though this was an intensive learning course, both instructors enjoyed the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture and get to know each of their students during their stay. Theresa Brossmer, ASA, MGA, ARM-GJ and Mary B. Reich, ASA, MGA sampled Chinese delicacies such as Peking duck and bullfrog in Sezchuan sauce and visited Chinese Cultural landmarks including The Forbidden City, The Bund, and many beautiful parks and museums. Throughout the course, break periods were set in place to help students relax and work on building their professional network with one another. When the course and exams were over celebrations took place and students were congratulated on becoming future jewelry appraisers.

We would like to thank Shanghai BETTER Institute of Jewelry for hosting ASA and this remarkable experience.

To view photos of the course click here.

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2016 Bombardier Business Aircraft Product Update and Valuation Seminar Recap

logoThe American Society of Appraisers participated in the sold out 2016 Bombardier Business Aircraft Product Update and Valuation Seminar on October 3-5, 2016 in Montreal, Canada. ASA was delighted to share the stage with Bombardier Business Aircraft to provide insight on current landscapes of corporate aircraft appraisals and information on aviation financing.

The event kicked off Monday evening with a Welcome Reception for all participates. Tuesday was jam-pack with amazing session presented by knowledgeable ASA members. airplaneSessions presented were ASA: Update and Appraisal Process by Richard Berkemeier, ASA and David Crick, ASA, Models for Diminution of Value Panel featuring Richard Berkemeier, ASA as the moderator, Appraisal Panel— Current Issue featuring Daniel Hall, ASA and Richard Berkemeier, ASA, and Practical Appraisal Aircraft by David Crick, ASA. A tour was offered by the Challenger Plant & Global Completion Center which gave attendees a visual and hands learning experience. The evening concluded with a phenomenal dinner reception provided by Le Richmond Griffintown.

We would like to thank Bombardier Business Aircraft for giving ASA the opportunity to participate in this spectacular event. For more information on upcoming events visit ASA online or call us at (800) 272-8258.


ASA’s 2016 Educational Foundation Auction Recap

Attendees Viewing and Biding on Auction Items

The American Society of Appraisers hosted ASA’s Educational Foundation Auction on Monday, September 12, 2016 from 5:30-7:00pm at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, FL. This ASAEF auction, which was held under the 2016 International Appraisers Conference and Advanced Business Valuation Conference, is the Foundation’s primary source of donations to fund grants for appraisal education. Attendees got the chance to enjoy exquisite cocktails and mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres while bidding on auction items. Displayed pieces included collectibles, trips, wine, food, books, and ASA Discipline Educational classes.

Attendees unwinding and networking amongst each other

Attendees Unwinding and Networking

Throughout the evening attendees had the opportunity to network and meet others from different disciplinary areas while awaiting the results. By the end of the evening ballots came in and winners were announce on each of the auction items. This event became a huge success thanks to the donations and the contributions that were given to the Educational Foundation.

To view the photos of the Educational Foundation Auction Click Here or to view photos of the 2016 International Appraisers Conference and the Advanced Business Valuation Conference Click Here.

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2016 ASA Advanced Business Valuation Conference Wrap-Up

The American Society of Appraisers recently held its annual 2016 Advanced Business Valuation Conference on September 11-14, 2016 in Boca Raton, Florida at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. BV presented the most comprehensive Business Valuation educational programing available, taught by the world’s top Business Valuation professionals. This three-day conference offered attendees with three distinct educational tracks with highly focused educational sessions in areas of business valuation, fair value and a variety of specialized topics. The 2016 Advanced BV Conference was held in conjunction with ASA’s 2016 International Appraisers Conference, which allowed a unique opportunity for attendees to expand their global professional network and interact with attendees and exhibitors. BV’16 kicked off Sunday night with the Welcome Reception, allowing attendees to chat and network amongst each other.

Monday's Keynote Presentation by Bernard Baumohl

Monday’s Keynote Presentation by Bernard Baumohl

The conference began Monday morning with opening remarks and introductions made by ASA’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Hirt and Region 2 Governor, Mike Pratt, ASA. ASA’s International President, Susan Golashovsky, ASA, had the pleasure in welcoming honored guests, organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors that attended this year’s conference. The morning continued with knowledgeable speaker, Bernard Baumohl, as this year’s keynote speaker. Using real-world examples and stories, Mr. Baumohl illuminated every U.S. and foreign indicator that matters to appraisers. With his energetic delivery and personal observations, attendees received excellent insight that kicked off the start of breakout sessions.

The first round of sessions included enhanced multiple corporate valuation model by Rajiv Gokhale; public company valuation credential by William Johnston, ASA, Nancy Czaplinksi, ASA, and Michael DeLuke; valuing government contractors by Kimberly Randolph, ASA; insights & applications from investment banking by Michael Poole; and supporting clients through the audit of fair value measurement and disclosure by Martin Mazin. Monday afternoon consisted of 5 sessions discussing the absurdity of CAPM, value allocations in complex capital, new developments in cost of capital, the valuation of complex FLPs, and professional standards & regulatory update. These presentations were taught by Pablo Fernandez; Charles Higgins; Roger Grabowski, FASA; Bruce Johnson, ASA; Drew Dorweiler, AM; and Adam Smith, ASA.

Attendees Biding On Auction Items

Attendees Biding On Auction Items

The Educational Foundation Auction and President’s Networking Reception followed Monday’s educational classes in the evening. The silent auction was a huge success, thanks to the donations being given to the Educational Foundation, which included collectables, trips, wine, food, books, and classes. The auction and President’s Networking Reception concluded the first full day of the conference. Photos from the Educational Foundation Auction can be viewed here.

Tuesday began bright and early with The End of Valuation Discounts? IRS’s Proposed Section 2704 Rules by William Frazier, ASA and John Russell as well as ASA’s first ever Multi- Discipline Mock Trail taught by Peter Gladstone, Roger Durkin, FASA, Gary Trugman, ASA, Jack Beckwith, ASA, Charles Rosoff, ASA, William Wilson III, FASA, and David Wolf, ASA, MGA. Educational sessions followed soon after with topics ranging from adjusting leverages, what appraisers need to know before rendering a fair opinion, and the usage of statistics to quantify lost profit being presented by Pablo Fernandez; Sean Wee; and Michael Crain and Bill Kennedy.

Attendees Listening to Presentations at IAC/BV

Attendees Listening to Presentations at IAC/BV

After the Business Valuation Committee Update and lunch, more thought provoking sessions took place. These sessions included the variable WACC/Capital structure framework by John Taylor, ASA and Yuka Itami; valuation of customer related intangibles by PJ Patel, ASA; state private capital markets by Craig Everett; patent litigation by Robert Schweihs, ASA; the valuation of cannabis related entities and intellectual property rights by Ronald Seigneur, ASA; the impact of economic environment on business performance by Ashok Abbott; contingent consideration by Daniel Kahn; and the risks and rewards of using controlled premiums under the new MPAP guidance by Eric Nath, ASA. Tuesday evening, held the Women’s Networking Reception and ASA’s Rising Starts event. These receptions gave attendees the opportunity to meet and network with prominent women across all of ASA’s appraisal disciplines as well network with growing professionals in the appraisal industry.

Wednesday was the last day of the conference and included 9 educational sessions taught by 10 experts in the field. Topics of discussion included valuation of shares by Gilbert Matthews; in search of value by John Finnerty; common flaws in BV reports by Arlene Ashcraft, ASA and Trey Stevens, ASA; when an option is not an option by Robert Schweihs, ASA; valuing foreign acquisitions by Neil Beaton, ASA; incorporating S Corp research by Nancy Fannon, ASA; valuing sports franchises by Drew Dorweiler, AM; how to effectively review an appraisal report by Timothy Lee, ASA; and private equity/venture capital valuation practice guide by Raymond Rath, ASA.

Those unable to attend the conference in person were able to sign up and view key sessions from the conference via live streaming online.

ASA hosted three BV pre-conference educational courses in Boca Raton including a US015-BV – 15-Hour Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) for Business Valuation; BV202-OOO – Introduction to Business Valuation, Income Approach; BV204-OOO – Advanced Topics in Business Valuation; BV301-OOO – Valuation of Intangible Assets.

Appraisal Builder Pro. Was One of the Many Exhibitors at IAC/BV

Appraisal Builder Pro. Was One of the Many Exhibitors at IAC/BV

The American Society of Appraisers would like to thank HeliValue$, Inc.; Business Valuation Review; Sweeney & Bartlett; Crown of Light; Kersten’s Antiques; The M&TS Journal; Real Property E-Journal; Borrowman Baker LLC; NARMCO; GF Data; TagnFi; Cupitor; Appraisal Builder Pro; ASA PAC; International President and Conference Chair Susan Golashovsky, ASA; and the planning committee and advisors Matthew Kaufman, ASA; Gary Trugman, ASA; Juanita Addeo, ASA; Paul R. Cogley JR., ASA; Tom Simatos, ASA; Ronald Prat, ASA; and William Engel, ASA for all of their hard work and support. Photos from the 2016 Advanced Business Valuation Conference can be viewed here.

Save the Date! Make plans to attend the 2017 Advanced Business Valuation Conference at Houston, TX on October 7-10, 2017.

Thank you again to all of our sponsors for making ASA’s 2016 Advanced Business Valuation Conference a great success!