The American Gem Trade Association GemFair Conference Recap

72 AGTA LogoTuesday, January 31-Sunday, February 5, 2017, the American Society of Appraisers participated in the 2017 American Gem Trade Association Gem Fair and Conference in Tucson, Arizona. This year’s conference focused on the rise of silicosis and the health concerns within the colored gemstone industry.

Special attractions and extraordinary seminars were presented throughout the conference from prominent leaders of the industry. Topics included Sourcing of Pink Diamonds, Appraisal Forum, Digital Design Tricks for Gemstones, Proof of Provenance, Techniques for Small Scale Productions, One Hundred Years if Cultured Pearls, Secrets of the Gem Trade, International Property Law for Jewelers, 72 Boothalong with several others. The collection of this year’s AGTA Spectrum award winners were displayed and guests were given the opportunity to vote for the last spectrum award of the year. After a full day of lectures, attendees unwound and networked during receptions and cocktail hours.

ASA-GJ sponsored a booth at the conference, manned by 14 ASA members.  ASA’s CEO, Jim Hirt payed a visit to the ASA Booth. The booth was organized by Marti Hubbard, ASA, MGA and Theresa Brossmer, ASA, MGA, ARM-GJ, whose commitment and leadership has furthered ASA recognition in the gems and jewelry industry.   Interest in ASA Membership was driven by high interest in the 9th edition of the Jewelry Appraisal Handbook offered for sale in the ASA booth.  All representatives with knowledge and understanding of the society, have played a key role in the efforts of ASA. “Volunteering for ASA takes on a realm of understanding and participation on a broad scale. It behooves every member to play a part” — Juanita Addeo, FGA, GG, ASA, MGA.


(Left to Right): Mary B. Reich, ASA, MGA; ASA CEO, Jim Hirt, CAE; Theresa Brossmer, ASA, MGA, ARM-GJ

ASA would like to thank ASA CEO, Jim Hirt, CAE; Marti Hubbard, ASA, MGA; Theresa Brossmer, ASA, MGA, ARM-GJ; Juanita Addeo, FGA, GG, ASA, MGA; Carole C. Richbourg, ASA, MGA; Duane W. Hutchison, ASA, MGA; Kennon E. Young, ASA, MGA; Maury Woulf; Tracy L. Aros, ASA, MGA; Eleanor Smith; Eric M. Shelton, ASA, MGA; Harold Lindsay, ASA, MGA; Nancy Weiss; Monica L. Caldwell, ASA, MGA; Bradley C. Pear, ASA, MGA; Linda Salik; and Chandra Pennington for their hard work and commitment at the AGTA GemFair Conference!

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