Energy Valuation Conference Preview

Houston_LogoEditor’s Note: The American Society of Appraisers Houston Chapter will host the 2017 Energy Valuation Conference on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in Houston, Texas.  ASA sat down with Laurie-Leigh White, ASA to take a closer look at this upcoming event.  

Can you give us a synopsis of the programs being presented?
This conference is designed to bring together prominent energy valuation professionals along with exceptional networking opportunities. The featured speakers are remarkable leaders in the energy industry from all across the United States possessing a variety of different perspectives. To give you some examples, we are having a SVP from Moody’s who will address the effect of oil prices on energy company credit, the Chief Economist from the Greater Houston Partnership, the Chairman and CEO of Netherland Sewell, among others.

What makes energy valuation so important to appraisers? 
This is a very dynamic and cyclical industry that affects different cities across the world such as Denver, Houston, and several others. Even if your client isn’t an energy company, energy can still play a vital role in its performance.

What can attendees expect to take away from this event?
Participants will have a better understanding of the current economic and geopolitical conditions of the industry. They will also find solutions to challenges they may face based on their locations. This is a very holistic and well-rounded conference that attendees will learn and enjoy from – not just appraisers.

When is the last day to register for this event and where can you register?
The last day to register for the conference is Thursday, April 26, 2017. Attendees be offered 10 hours of continuing professional education and can register through the American Society of Appraisers Houston Chapter as well as the Houston CPA Society’s websites.

72Coordinator Biography  
Laurie-Leigh White, ASA is a knowledgeable business valuation professional with more than 10 years’ experience. Ms. White received a Master of Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Southern Methodist University, where she graduated with highest honors. Ms. White has been on the planning committee for the Energy Valuation Conference since its first launch and is serving as the current chair for the conference.


For more information, visit ASA online or contact us at (800) 272-8258.

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