ASA’s Valuable Impact


One of ASA’s new zero-waste collection boxes.

As the society expands its global presence, steps are being taken at headquarters to reduce its footprint.

A zero-waste recycling program was recently introduced at ASA’s international headquarters. The program attempts to reduce materials sent to landfills by recycling items thought to be non-recyclable.

The program was introduced in May and ASA staff have enthusiastically embraced it. Zero-waste collection boxes continue to fill up, while materials in trash bins have sufficiently decreased.

The newly adapted recycling program offers the following advantages:

  • Aids in reducing the amount of harmful carbon emissions that are released into the environment.
  • Helps to avoid the leaching of harmful toxins into the soil and groundwater.
  • The recycled materials are transformed back into “raw” materials, which helps to ensure renewable resources while lessen resource depletion.

With so many great benefits, it’s easy to see why staff is proud to be participating in this zero-waste recycling program.

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