Gary L. Smith, ASA, MGA on the Today Show

Smith_Gary_TodayShow_Blog_042015Gary L. Smith, ASA, MGA is the International President of ASA and a Master Gemologist Appraiser. Gary recently filmed a segment for the Today Show that aired on April 1, 2015. The segment was titled “Buyer Beware: Jewels Purchased at Vacation Destinations May be Overpriced” and discussed vacation destination jewelry shops that may not be offering the great deals they promise. In Cozumel, a popular vacation destination, one shop offered a deal for a sapphire ring for $350, that they claim would cost $750 in the United States. Gary L. Smith inspects the item and agrees it is not real sapphire, and is actually blue glass. Be cautious of those “great deals” when on vacations, as the sales individuals know you are likely a transient, and unlikely to return. Always take your purchased items to an ASA MGA for a qualified examination, or an insurance valuation appraisal. The Today segment can be viewed online here.

Mr. Smith has previously filmed a segment for the Today Show titled “Red Ruby Alert” that can be viewed here.

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